As in real life, you must play the
hand you are dealt!


  1. Remove card sleeves from the EXIST box. Remove the cards from the sleeves.
  2. You will have 4 decks; OPPONENT, LOCATION, WILD and RESOURCE.  Shuffle the decks independently. Place the decks in the center of the table side by side.
  3. Randomly choose one player to be the 1st round Supreme Decider and bestow upon them the Supreme Decider card. If possible, choose a player who is familiar with EXIST especially if you are demonstrating to new players.
  4. The Supreme Decider deals 7 RESOURCE cards to each player including them-self. Players may look at their RESOURCE cards but must keep them secret from other players.


  1. The Supreme Decider turns over the top card from each deck of OPPONENT, LOCATION and WILD cards.  The Supreme Decider then reads the scenario created.  Combined, these cards create the scenario the players (excluding the Supreme Decider) must EXIST by selecting one RESOURCE from their hand.
  2. The rest of the players may now select a RESOURCE from their hand they determine will provide their best chance to EXIST the scenario described by the combination of cards displayed.  The choice may be logical, absurd or funny, and players should be prepared to argue in support of their choice and to debate it in order to EXIST the round.
  3. Players submit their selected RESOURCE card face down to the Supreme Decider (only you will know which is yours). Once all players have submitted their RESOURCE card, the Supreme Decider shuffles the submissions and reads them to the group.
  4. Table talk, in which players try to convince the Supreme Decider which RESOURCE should/should not be chosen to EXIST is a vital element of each round. While this may or may not reveal ownership of RESOURCE cards, it can be an entertaining extra dimension of strategy.
  5. The Supreme Decider then selects the card best suited to EXIST the round.  NOTE: The Supreme Decider is not bound by any rules when choosing the winning entry. Players therefore should always keep in mind who is the Supreme Decider and what kind of RESOURCE might appeal to them.
  6. The chosen winner is given the OPPONENT card for that round to be counted for scoring purposes. The winning OPPONENT cards are placed on the table in front of the winning player for all to see.
  7. The played RESOURCE cards are then placed in the discard box and everyone, (excluding the Supreme Decider from the previous round) draws another RESOURCE card, maintaining 7 RESOURCE cards in one's hand.
  8. The played LOCATION and WILD cards are placed in the discard box.
  9. Play moves clockwise, with the next person to the left assuming the Supreme Decider card, and role for the next round.

Winning EXIST

  • Exist continues until a player obtains 5 OPPONENT cards.  NOTE: This number can be modified if the players opt to lengthen or shorten the game.