How to EXIST

EXIST - The Hilarious New Game That's Trying to Kill You!

Exist offers a virtually endless variety of absurd obstacles against which players compete to EXIST.

Gather 4 or more friends and choose one player as the game’s first SUPREME DECIDER, who will set up the 3 decks (OPPONENT, LOCATION and WILD) and deal everyone 7 cards each from the RESOURCE deck.

All rounds are presided over by the SUPREME DECIDER, who’s responsible for determining the winning RESOURCE, thus declaring which player has EXISTed that round’s scenario. It’s important to keep in mind that the SUPREME DECIDER is not bound by any rules of logic or sense of fairness. It would be nice, but neither are required. The SUPREME DECIDER may declare a winner based on anything or nothing. The SUPREME DECIDER role is then passed to the next player to the left, giving each player the honor of being SUPREME DECIDER in the game of EXIST.

Each round consists of an endless variety of ludicrous scenarios created by the combinations that result from the drawing of one card each from the OPPONENT, LOCATION and WILD CARD decks. The players must then choose which RESOURCE card to throw from their hand to overcome the obstacle; either more effectively than any of the other players, in a funnier way, or simply supported by a better, more persuasive argument for the SUPREME DECIDER to consider in making the ultimate decision of who wins the round.

Players may face anything from trying to escape a Soul-Collecting Genie in the Amazon Jungle, while neck-deep in a pool of Toxic Waste, to battling a Giant Tarantula in a Pizzeria while wearing a Straight Jacket. How successful you are is always determined not only by the RESOURCES you’re dealt, but by how well they’re played; anything from the use of a future technology like Teleportation, to the ability to call in a SWAT team, the availability of Magic Mushrooms or a sudden Fart Blast may be utilized in your defense. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Use your imagination, tap into your powers of persuasion and win by selecting the best or most outrageous RESOURCE and arguing for it with passion and logic… and if that doesn’t work, with humor. Remember, “if you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with bullshit.” (W.C. Fields). Bullshit goes a long way in the game of EXIST, just as it does in the game of life.

EXIST is an equal-opportunity game that can be played in a variety of states; drunk, high or sober as a nun.

The first player to survive 5 rounds, wins.

Coming soon, with potential topics to include XXX, Movies/Hollywood and Sci-Fi/Fantasy, etc.. There may also be other iterations, such as Junior and Science Editions.


Side effects may include, but aren’t limited to; hilarity, occasional self-reflection, excessive laughter, tears, smeared makeup, aching sides, (usually due to excessive laughter, but sometimes from being poked in the ribs by the closest competitor. IMPORTANT – If poking persists, contact your mother immediately).

Never play EXIST if you are allergic to EXIST (although if you are allergic to EXIST, chances are you’re dead, so we probably don’t need this disclaimer and are just guilty of covering our asses from any legal liabilities, and frankly we’re cool with that.)


If you choose to play EXIST with drugs or alcohol, please do it legally, use caution and never drive under the influence. After all, the key to living is not to die!