What is the average game time?  It depends on these factors:

  • Number of players
  • The final count of wins (OPPONENT cards collected) to end the game can be increased or decreased to shorten or lengthen the game.
  • How fast you are
  • How long the debates continue
  • How picky the SUPREME DECIDER is in choosing the round's winner 

As a rule of thumb, a game with 6 players with 5 Opponents to win takes approximately 40 minutes.

Is there an age limit?  EXIST is designated to ages 17 and up, however the removal of any cards which parents may find of "adult nature" can be done to create a family fun version.

What's included?

  • Supreme Decider Card
  • 160 Resource Cards
  • 54 Opponent Cards
  • 54 Location Cards
  • 54 Wild Cards
  • Rule Sheet
  • Cards come in individual tuck boxes, which help for organized storage.

How many players can we be?  Minimum 4 with 8 being optimal. You can play large groups if you decide to have team efforts. It's ultimately up to you and the SUPREME DECIDER.

               Can we play with 16 people? Yes! The Supreme Decider's function will become a bit more intense with 16 players, and debates will probably get lengthy, and rowdy, but it can be done!  The main concern is that the Resource cards will cycle quickly. To avoid that problem you may do one of the following recommended ways to play EXIST in large groups: 1) play as teams, 2) play individuals with the game as is and recycle the Resource cards from the discard pile, 3) play with 2 copies of EXIST, shuffling and including the Resource cards from the 2nd game 4) limit the Resource cards in each player's hand to 3 or 4 cards as opposed to the recommended 7 cards. 

What makes this game inappropriate for younger teens?  To make EXIST more appropriate for children, we recommend the removal of a few cards (less than 10) which some may believe to contain, at worst, borderline adult content.  We leave the decision of which cards to remove up to your discretion. (Note: This should have no negative impact on game play.)

Can I travel with EXIST?  EXIST was designed to be compact in size, so it can be transported easily. The game box fits in your hand (4.6" x 4.6" x 2.75") and weighs just 1.5 pounds. You can customize your game with the inclusion of one of EXIST's expansion packs (which will conveniently fit in your main game box.) It's perfect to carry along anywhere. Throw EXIST in your backpack and you'll always be ready to play. EXIST is great to bring along on cruises or vacations.

When will expansion packs be available? Expansion packs are in the works. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get updates as they become available.

Will you accept suggestions for future cards or expansions? Absolutely! We love to hear from our fans! Email suggestions to hello@playexist.com

Me not smart, is it complicated? We haven't met anyone yet who was not able to play EXIST.  The rules are simple and easily understood. 

What does it take to qualify as the Supreme Decider?  A pulse. 

How can I contact you? You can email us at hello@playexist.com or use Facebook messenger and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Is EXIST available Wholesale? Please contact us at hello@playexist.com regarding retail / wholesale opportunities.