EXIST's Back Story

Like many of us, EXIST was conceived in a car. Headed to a family gathering, our thoughts all turned to the future. A new year was on the horizon and times had been tough – dealt a bad hand and facing great uncertainty, we were all concerned about our very survival.

We eventually came to realize that life is very much like a game, and if we’re smart, we learn to play the hand we are dealt; to come up with tactics and strategies to combat whatever obstacles we may encounter because, at the end of the day, the key to winning is not to die.

Our imagination and love of game play immediately took over, and by the time we had reached our destination, EXIST, the hilarious new card game, was born (and we all had to pee desperately from laughing so hard).

In the process, we had come to understand that the more absurd the obstacles, the more fun the game would be, and that ultimately, the distraction it provides is as important sometimes as winning or losing.

Over the next few days, we developed rules and designed decks of cards for each category that would, in combination, create millions of potential scenarios. EXIST had become a reality.

Ironically, it was after a funeral that EXIST was officially played for the first time, and we were caught off guard by the power it had to cut through the grief with laughter.

Since that evening, well over 5 years ago, EXIST had been tested with various groups, in different environments, under every conceivable condition, always evolving as we refined, clarified and hopefully perfected the play. One thing, however, was constant; everyone loved it and wanted to play again!

Now, we are thrilled and proud to offer EXIST to you!

Grab some friends, gather the family, start the party and battle to test everyone’s potential to EXIST!