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 EXIST Card Game Review – Pure Uncut Joy!


Exist Card Game Review by

The EXIST card game is one where players have only one task; stay alive. Cards are flipped and a scenario is laid out in front of all the players which they then have to get out of with the help of one of their own resource cards.

Wacky scenarios like “Stealth Scorpion at the Intergalactic Space Station ” or “Debt Collectors at your home” will keep players on their toes as they try to win over the favor of the Supreme Decider and get their card picked.

How To Play

Rules to this game will be familiar to those who have played games like Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples.

Every round one player is the Supreme Decider (the judge) and each other player tries to get the judge to pick their card. At the beginning of the game a Supreme Decider is chosen and everyone is dealt 7 resource cards.

At the start of the round 3 cards are played face up from their respective decks. A Location, and Opponent and a Wild Card. These will create a dangerous scenario that each player must imagine themselves in.

Location Cards

These serve as the “where” in the imaginary scenario. Could be anything from a “Man-Cave” to an “Active Volcano”.

Opponent Cards



This is what’s presenting the real danger which you are tasked with surviving. Could be something simple like an “Angry Mob” or something more creative like “Solar Powered Electric Eels”.

Wild Cards


These cards can really be anything. Some are designed to add complexity to the scenario like “Resources only last 10 seconds” and some other simply mess with the cards in players hands like “Swap one resource with the player to your left”.

Once the scenario is laid out, everyone plays one resource card except for the Supreme Decider. The idea is to play a resource that would best help you survive the given scenario.

Once all the cards are in the Supreme Decider reads aloud the cards and each player is allowed to argue why their card is the best choice. Whoever the Decider picks gets a point and then the next player clockwise becomes the decider for the next round.

Exist Review


This card game was a riot for everyone involved. The rules only took a moment to explain and everyone was on board from the start. Watching people argue about how $10,000 could buy your way out of an alternate dimension is hilarious.

Although most of the games we review serve only as party games or drinking games, I’d recommend EXIST for just about anyone. This game is absurd at every turn. Truly one of the best party games we’ve had the chance to review.

The only downside I could muster about this game is that sometimes the scenarios got too convoluted to really make any sense. Like fighting solar powered electric eels in an alternate timeline while you have double vision. But this all adds to the overall silliness of the game.

Overall it’s a simple and fun party game that everyone will enjoy. Best played with creative friend groups who aren’t shy about debating their cards.