“EXIST is so much fun, I laughed my right ear off!” – V. Van Gogh

  “Surrender is not an option in EXIST – hated it!” Benedict A.

“HA-ha! Minnie and I enjoyed playing EXIST immensely. HA-ha! May I suggest a gigantic version for we who have only 3 fingers? HA-ha! No, seriously.” – M. Mouse 

“I found EXIST to be highly logical. (I still don’t understand why everyone was laughing so hard, but I have no sense of humor, I only have a highly-evolved sense of logic and pointy ears.” – Spock

“EXIST made me face my demons and laugh at my problems.” ~ Doug J.

“So it’s come to this, has it?” C. Darwin

“Everyone wants to EXIST and play as long as they can!” ~ Sara

“EXIST fixed my marriage!” ~ Melania

” I give this game 5 STARS” ~ General Patton

“EXIST is dope,y’all! In factizzle, EXIST go betta with dope, y’all, and that’s no shizzle, yo!” – Martha Stewart

Chef Boyardee says: “Yum!”

“The force is strong in this game!” ~ Darth V.

         “Fairy Tales Really Do EXIST!?” ~ Rachel

“This is not a game of cards, this is your life and mine!” ~ Prime Minister of Singapore

“The Earth will be swept away and this game will continue to EXIST” ~ Moses

“For those who like this kind of game, this is the kind of game they will like.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

“This game made me drink more.” ~ James

“Buy It. You won’t be sorry.” ~ Jeff M

“I LOVE this Game and I’m not mad!” ~ Brad

“The RESOURCES are very resourceful.” ~ Nikola 

WARNINGS & DISCLAIMERS  Side effects may include, but aren’t limited to; hilarity, occasional self-reflection, excessive laughter, tears, smeared makeup, aching sides, (usually due to excessive laughter, but sometimes from being poked in the ribs by the closest competitor. IMPORTANT – If poking persists, contact your mother immediately).

Never play EXIST if you are allergic to EXIST (although if you are allergic to EXIST, chances are you’re dead, so we probably don’t need this disclaimer and are just guilty of covering our asses from any legal liabilities, and frankly we’re cool with that.)